Rackham Ben Davis Amateur Golf Tournament

Rackham Golf Course Ben Davis City Amateur Golf Tournament

The golf course will be in its best shape ever for the Rackham Ben Davis City Amateur Golf Tournament September 13th and 14th this season.  Make sure to reserve your spot for this championship amateur golf tournament.  It’s a great weekend of golf and competition as well as playing the golf course in its toughest form.  You can get your golf tournament sign up form either in the pro shop or off our website HERE.

amateur golf tournament

Rackham golf course is in great shape with some of the best greens in town.  This is all due to our new superintendent this year Eric Goodman.  He has had a tough road to climb this year with how bad the winter was.

Eric has worked endlessly to make sure that we not only recovered from the winter damage but to make the greens here some of the best in Oakland County.  Now that he can shift his focus from recovery mode of the winter damage and focus on quality, Vargo golf company is expecting wonderful things for the golf course at Rackham.