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Golf Rates for Rackham Golf Course

See the rates here for Rackham golf course. Book a tee time from your phone easily with the free Vargo golf app.


Rackham is the top choice to play in Royal Oak, Madison Heights, Warren, Detroit, Huntington Woods, and Windsor. You owe it to yourself to experience this classic golf course. Rackham Golf course is operated by the Vargo Golf Company. There are 9 golf courses that are operated by Vargo.


vargo golfThese include, The Myth, Bruce Hills, Golden Hawk, Hampton, Rackham, Chandler Park, Rouge Park, Palmer Park, and Reddeman Farms. Download the free Vargo Golf app for your smartphone and show golf coupons all season long for all of these courses.


The VTC discount golf card can be purchased in any of the Vargo golf pro shops and comes with a free golf round that day.The VTC discount can be used on weekdays and weekends all season long, and at all Vargo Golf 18 hole courses! Please ask about the VTC card before your golf round this spring and start saving! Play more courses and pay less with the Vargo Tour Discount golf card.


918Discounted Price
Weekdays w/cart$20$26$22
Senior / Junior Weekdays w/cart$18$24$20
Weekend w/cart$25$35$31
Senior / Junior Weekend w/cart$24$29$25
Certificate Cart Fees$10$15
Walkers Receive $3 OFF$5 OFF


918Discounted Price
Weekdays w/cart$25$36$30
Senior / Junior Weekdays w/cart$20$26$22
Weekend w/cart$32$45$39
Senior / Junior Weekend w/cart$28$39$35
Weekday Twilight $25
Weekend Twilight $30
Cart Fees Per Player$10$15
Walkers Receive$3 OFF$5 OFF


Vargo Tour Card Discounts$4 For All Spring and Fall
Vargo Tour Card Discounts$4 For Sr. / Jr.
$6 off for Public Summer
Spring / Fall DatesOctober 1st - April 30
Summer Peak DatesMay 1st - September 30
Twilight3pm Spring and Fall
4pm Summer
Senior Age50 Years Old and Over
Junior Age18 Years Old and Below

Rain Check Policies

Rain Checks: Paid for 18 and only play 9 – rain check for the difference between the 9 and 18 hole rate.
Paid for 18 and played through 14, no rain check
Paid for 9 and played through 4, no rain check

Rain checks are only given due to weather reasons. If it is already raining when a golfer comes to the course, before the start of their round, a rain check will not be issued, as they have chosen to play in the inclement weather.
Merchandise refunds: Customers MUST have their original receipt when returning merchandise no longer than 14 days after the date of sale. Item must not have any signs of wear. Refund will be given in the form of in-store credit.